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The Motor Valley has always been known as the birthplace of Italian automotive culture, a land steeped in passion for four wheels and speed. In this fascinating and diverse context, a unique project has emerged: Cavalieri Garage & Co.

Celebrating the tradition and history of the "Cavalieri" workshop in Modena, this project represents the perfect fusion of various approaches to the automotive world, combining restomod tuning, motorsport, and car collecting. Cavalieri Garage is destined to become the meeting place for professionals and car enthusiasts, offering its expertise to all kinds of passionate individuals and those who have made engines their profession.


One of the most exciting aspects of Cavalieri Garage & Co. is restomod tuning. This practice skillfully combines tradition with modernity by taking a classic car and updating it with cutting-edge technology, performance enhancements, and luxury finishes. The result is a perfect blend of timeless charm from vintage (or youngtimer) cars and the cutting-edge performance of modern models. The expert artisans selected by Cavalieri Garage turn historic cars into four-wheeled works of art, following our own storyline.


For those who love the elegance of vintage cars and wish to discover and acquire unique pieces, Cavalieri Garage & Co. is the ideal place. The passion for car collecting is evident in every corner of the Motor Valley, with an exclusive selection of vintage vehicles, past icons that have written the history of automotive. Enthusiasts can take advantage of a brokerage service for vintage cars, youngtimers, and race cars, curated exclusively by our automotive culture.


Cavalieri Garage & Co. is much more than just a project: it is an authentic celebration of the automotive world, a reference point for all professionals and enthusiasts, a tribute to the technology, elegance, power, and beauty of cars.

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