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Cavalieri Garage


We are passionate about cars and engines, about automotive technology, philosophy, and sports competitions.

Cavalieri Garage encompasses various approaches to the automotive world, such as tuning restomod, motorsport, and collecting. Different ways of experiencing a passion united by the common thread of the fascination that these areas offer. Hence, the idea of creating a one-of-a-kind project, unique in the Motor Valley, capable of celebrating the history of an authentic reality born in Modena, in the heart of the motor valley, with an approach never seen before.

Cavalieri Garage
Modena Piazza Grande

We design and reinvent cars that have made history, embracing the pure pleasure of sports driving, and making our experience available to help anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the passion for motors.

Cavalieri Garage aims to spread automotive culture, keeping its charm high by approaching storytelling in innovative ways, focusing on the true essence of automobile concepts, its history, and the emotions associated with it.


Cavalieri Garage & Co takes its name from Franco Cavalieri, founder of the homonymous "Cavalieri" workshop established in Modena in the late '60s.

During that time, it was a common approach for workshops in the Modena region to combine track sports activities with "simple" maintenance services for road vehicles, mainly carried out for owners of prestigious cars. Additionally, the presence and involvement of the Ferrari brand in various technical areas of the territory allowed significant responsibilities to be assigned to relevant entities concerning specific sectors that required specialized labor. The Cavalieri Workshop, therefore, could boast substantial collaborations with the Maranello company, particularly regarding the maintenance of carburetors for the iconic V12 engines that powered the prancing horse cars.

In 1970, a new larger and more functional location was opened in the newly established industrial area of Torrazzi, just outside the neighboring districts of Modena, where for over twenty years the Cavalieri Workshop operated and provided its services to owners of both road and competition cars. This location is still used today as the main hub for a significant part of Cavalieri Garage's activities.

Franco Cavalieri Ferrari
Cavalieri Garage
Officina Cavalieri Modena

Franco Cavalieri was born on May 8, 1943, in Bomporto, in the province of Modena. Growing up in a family of farmers, from a young age, he showed an interest in anything with an engine, working as a boy on the maintenance of the family's agricultural vehicles.

His passion for engines led him to discover the area dedicated to speed testing of many workshops associated with the most important Modenese sports car brands, located near Villavara, an area adjacent to his family's land. At just fourteen years old, his passion and dedication led him to knock on the door of Lucchi & Mazzetti, a well-known workshop in Modena who hired him as an apprentice.

This particular workshop operated on test tracks in collaboration with the Scuderia Ferrari and the numerous entities of that time that saw in Modena what eventually became known as the land of motors. It was a place of extraordinary technical knowledge and passion for cars, where engineers, mechanics, chassis builders, and drivers vigorously embraced the post-World War II revival of Italy through the concept of the "automobile."

Starting from 1957, he experienced from within the evolution of the automotive industry in Italy, from racing competitions to the changing perception of cars as a means of transportation. Also dating back to the late 1950s were his first steps within the Aerautodromo di Modena, a crucial location for the development of Modenese sports cars of that era.

Aerautodromo di Modena
Ferrari 250 GTO Aerautodromo di Modena

Since 1961, when he reached adulthood and gained considerable experience with tuned engines, Franco Cavalieri joined the test team of the Scuderia Ferrari, where he worked throughout the 1960s. During this time, he had the honor of working alongside great names in motorsports such as Mauro Forghieri, Vittorio Jano, Carlo Chiti, Giotto Bizzarrini, and Sergio Scaglietti, as well as renowned drivers like Willy Mairesse, Tino Brambilla, Andrea de Adamich, Phil Hill, the Rodriguez brothers, Giancarlo Baghetti, Lorenzo Bandini, John Surtees, and many others.

He played a crucial role, together with other team members, in conducting tests for the prancing horse's sports cars during track tests for sports, F1, and F2 vehicles. The Ferrari 250 LM, victorious at Le Mans in 1965, the 158, the F1 world champion car in 1964 with John Surtees, and the Dino F2 project, which Enzo Ferrari particularly cared about, were significant milestones for his professional reputation.

In 1964 and 1965, Franco Cavalieri was involved in traveling on behalf of Ecuriè Francorchamps, a Belgian Ferrari customer team competing in sports car races. They won the 1965 1000km of Spa with a Ferrari 250 LM. In 1966, Franco Cavalieri returned to Modena where, in addition to continuing his role with the Scuderia Ferrari test team, he founded his own workshop.

Ferrari Dino F2 Modena Enzo Ferrari Franco Cavalieri
Ferrari Le Mans 1965

During the early years of his workshop, Franco Cavalieri developed a strong association with the Abarth brand, becoming an official supplier and tuner for them, as well as for other prestigious automakers such as Alfa Romeo and Jaguar. He played an important role on the Modenese territory as an early provider of comprehensive maintenance services for the British marque.

Over more than twenty years of service, the Cavalieri Workshop specialized in the maintenance and preparation of both road and competition cars from various brands, with a particular focus on Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, Jaguar, and Fiat Abarth.

In 1991, former F1 driver and Belgian sports car racer Teddy Pilette gathered some of the most important mechanics and collaborators from the Ecuriè Francorchamps to prepare a Ferrari 348 TB Evoluzione for certain races held at the Spa Francochamps circuit. Franco Cavalieri participated in what turned out to be his final direct involvement in a racing project.

Ferrari 348 TB Evoluzione 1991 Teddy Pilette Ecurie Francorchamps Cavalieri
Ferrari 348 TB Evoluzione 1991 Teddy Pilette Ecurie Francorchamps Cavalieri


Today, Cavalieri Garage & Co leverages the network of professionals built over more than 15 years of experience in the motorsport and automotive sectors.

The Cavalieri Garage project was founded by Simone Marchetti, a former kart and race car driver, as well as a motorsport industry professional. In 2014, he established RaceNetwork, a startup operating in the digital motorsport industry, which successfully made its mark initially in the realm of simulated car racing video games. Subsequently, it ventured into the professional driving simulation market, eventually working alongside Dallara and Scuderia Ferrari.

Simone Marchetti Kart PCR
Simone Marchetti Formula Azzurra
Dallara Simulatore
Dynisma DMG-1

Since 2018, he has been working on the development of a model that was unveiled in 2020: the Mirage GT. This project involved the use of special materials for the bodywork and focused on optimizing the engine for the use of sustainable fuels. These technologies are the cornerstone of future projects signed by Cavalieri Garage, which led to the creation of the dedicated brand "Cavalieri Mirage Cars." In 2022, the Mirage GT was used by the German Aerospace Center DLR as the basis for the development of the zero-emission prototype ZEDU-1.

By the end of 2022, this process led to the establishment of Cavalieri Garage & Co. A company that thrives on its network of professionals, fully immersing itself in the world of motors in the Motor Valley while spreading its culture worldwide. They specialize in creating restomods of iconic cars with historical significance and providing their expertise to support enthusiasts, companies, and professionals alike.

Simone Marchetti Mirage Motors Modena
Mazda Mx-5 NB Cavalieri Garage
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