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Cavalieri Garage & Co. is a brand owned by:

SM Digital Solutions di Marchetti Simone – P.IVA/VAT IT03816250363 - Via Gandhi, 36 - 41122 Modena (IT)

SmartBit OÜ – 16269158 - Harju maakond, Saue vald, Laagri alevik, Männimetsa tee 34-8a, 76401 (EE)

SmartBit Consulting di Ancora Sarah – P.IVA/VAT IT03919280366 - Via dei Livelli, 9 - 42048 Rubiera, RE (IT)

Unless otherwise specified the documentation, texts, images, trademarks, and any other material published and reproduced on this website are the property of SM Digital Solutions di Marchetti Simone and SmartBit OÜ. The content of this website is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. Any partial or full reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.

The car purchase brokerage is regulated in partnership with duly licensed professional intermediaries.

The magazine section does not constitute a journalistic publication as it is updated without any periodicity. Therefore, it cannot be considered an editorial product according to the law n. 62 of 7.03.2001.

No responsibility is assumed by the owner concerning both the content published on this website and the use that third parties may make of it, as well as any contamination resulting from accessing, interconnecting, or downloading material and computer programs from this site. Therefore, the owner cannot be held liable or, in any case, be obliged to respond to damages, losses, or any kind of prejudice that third parties may suffer due to contact with this site or as a result of using and relying on the information published on it, as well as the software employed. The material, and especially the technical information on this website, is subject to changes or updates without notice. The owner also reserves the right to make changes and/or improvements, without notice and at any time, to the products and/or the technical and functional characteristics of the products described and illustrated on this site. Although the owner believes to proceed with the utmost care in inserting information, they do not assume any responsibility regarding the accuracy of the information provided, whose use is solely at the user's risk. By making such information available to the user, the owner also does not grant any license on copyright, patents, or any other intellectual and industrial property rights.


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