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In the picturesque setting of the Vicenza Fair, the first edition of the Vicenza Classic Car Show has just concluded, an event inaugurated in great style last Friday by the Italian Exhibition Group.

Throughout the weekend, vintage and sports car enthusiasts crowded the Celebration Area of Pavilion 7 at the Vicenza Classic Show, dedicated to the genius of Marcello Gandini.

Among the master's iconic designs, three specimens of the legendary Lamborghini Miura P400S stood out (two yellow and one azure, in their striking original hues), along with an equal number of the powerful Lamborghini Countach (one blue LP 400S, one white LP 500 S, and one azure LP 500 4-valve).

In the refined Lounge Room of Pavilion 7, the presentation of the volume "Lamborghini Countach" was held, curated by Giorgio Nada Editore and distributed by the prestigious Libreria dell'Automobile. Author Francesco Patti engaged in a dialogue with Andrea Nicoletto, President of the Lamborghini Club Italia, to honor the legacy of the great designer.

Among the numerous exhibited cars, a rare 1982 Lancia Rally 037 road model stood out, one of only 207 specimens ever built, complete with original tool kit and spare tire, never used. Designed for quick assistance interventions, the car featured removable front and rear ends, along with adjustable suspensions.

Confirming the rally atmosphere, Miki Biason, a multiple world rally champion, participated in the event, meeting the audience and sharing his motor racing adventures.

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