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The saga of Andrea Moda Formula was undoubtedly an extraordinary adventure. It can't be called anything else, as it's challenging to find an appropriate term for it. This adventure gave birth to one of the quirkiest chapters in the history of motorsport. Despite some parts seeming devoid of sense and a constant stream of plot twists, its charm and curiosity remain intact even over three decades later.

It captures the attention not only of motorsport enthusiasts but also those with limited knowledge of the Formula 1 world of that era. It was a vastly different world from what we know today, less sophisticated but unquestionably more human, where courage and entrepreneurship could make all the difference, even starting from scratch.

Andrea Sassetti, not exactly a saint but far from being a criminal, took on this challenge from ground zero. In just a few months, he pieced together a small racing team, devoid of experience and extremely limited resources.

Sassetti was a visionary, as his ventures in the '90s demonstrated. He knew no bounds. Inspired by similar endeavors, including the Benetton family's, he aimed high, incredibly high. He chose none other than the Formula 1 World Championship as the ideal stage to promote Andrea Moda, his company specialized in women's footwear.

The project was ambitious, but the challenge seemed insurmountable. However, the entrepreneur from Marche, surrounded by his brother Sandro, friends, and trusted collaborators, believed in it, despite constant obstacles and problems. Andrea Moda Formula indeed made it to the Formula 1 World Championship, leaving an indelible mark, not so much for sporting achievements that didn't do justice to the talent of their lead driver, Roberto Moreno, or the potential of the S921. The mark was left by a series of surreal and tragicomic events that rightfully entered the annals of Formula 1 history in the '90s.

Over three decades since that audacious adventure, thanks to exceptional work that began in 2019, three enthusiasts: Massimiliano Sbrolla, Cristiano Coini, and Giordano Viozzi of Zoofactory S.r.l. have unveiled their extraordinary work to the public: "Andrea Moda Formula - The Wildest Racing Team Ever."

It's an unprecedented documentary entirely dedicated to the incredible journey of Andrea Moda Formula, from the initial agreements between Coloni and Andrea Sassetti to the sensational arrest of the Marche entrepreneur in the Spa-Francorchamps circuit paddock and the subsequent exclusion of his team from the Formula 1 World Championship.

Present at the first screening held on Sunday, October 1st in Monte San Pietrangeli, the birthplace of this unique adventure, representing Cavalieri Garage, we can only confirm the quality of the narrative seen in the trailer, various clips shared on social media, and the anecdotes shared with the community that fervently followed Zoofactory's work for over four years.

It's a story for motorsport enthusiasts and those who simply want to witness the tale of an American dream with a touch of Marche flavor.

This is an extraordinary tale, narrated through previously unknown behind-the-scenes stories, unseen images, and the voices of those who experienced that period, both absurd and captivating. Emotions spring forth from every detail: from laughter echoing through images of incredible situations to amazement at the surreal events unfolding, and finally, to the emotion of reflecting on the courage and determination of those who faced an impossible challenge.

In this adventure within the Andrea Moda Formula story, almost nothing is as it seems (and as it has been told until now). The documentary takes us on a journey through a world where the possible and the impossible blend into a sometimes surreal mix. It's a story that goes beyond statistics and sporting results, capturing the essence of an era and a daring endeavor that left an indelible mark on Formula 1 in the '90s.

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