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Cavalieri Mirage is our new brand dedicated to experimentation, exploring automotive and motorsport technologies and philosophies in line with our values.

The brand inherits the legacy of the startup Mirage Motors Modena, founded in 2020 by our founder Simone Marchetti to bring to life a one-off model: the Mirage GT, which will continue to play a fundamental role within the project.


Officially born in 2020 under the name Mirage Motors Modena, it has deeper roots that combine the expertise of various entities that are now part of the service pool of Cavalieri Garage & Co.

In 2018, the first drafts of what became the first "Mirage" creation, the GT, were born, initially named Project SR-M, laying the groundwork for collaborations and the network that now form the structure of our brand.

The idea has always been the same: to address sustainability without following market trends towards electrification and to go beyond conventions by exploring and experimenting with new solutions for road and competition cars.


The real innovation lies in the open-source approach, a new cornerstone concept of Cavalieri Mirage cars. The idea of ​​sharing our work with a selected community and enabling other professionals to use them as a basis for developing further concepts and innovations is crucial in a period that requires high standards in the pursuit of real sustainability.


Alongside the new brand, the partnership with P1 Performance Fuels GmbH is also officialized, a leading entity in the production and sale of innovative fuels that do not involve the use of fossil sources in their production.

Cavalieri Mirage will conduct detailed data collection programs and tests of innovative fuels with its models starting from the second quarter of 2024.


As of today, Tuesday, March 19, 2024, the Cavalieri Mirage brand is officially announced, effectively acquiring the strategic assets and network of collaborators of the Mirage Motors Modena startup.

Following are the statements of founder Simone Marchetti:

"I am very excited to be able to give a more concrete form to the Mirage project, through a dedicated brand within the context of Cavalieri Garage. This new brand fully represents our values and those of our partners regarding the automobile as a means of transportation and as a resource for studying new technologies. I am equally pleased to announce the arrival of a new model for the second quarter of 2024, which has intensely involved us in its realization in recent months. Further information will be announced shortly."

Details on our official website

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