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The dominance of Red Bull-Honda seems unstoppable, turning the Formula 1 championship into a one-way race. After dominating on different tracks like Sakhir and Jeddah, opponents face a tough battle to challenge their supremacy. Once again, Red Bull concluded ahead of everyone else, with Max Verstappen leading followed by Sergio Perez, leaving the competition trailing behind.

Despite a good qualifying session, Ferrari found itself powerless to keep up with the pace of the Red Bull cars. Leclerc managed to snatch the initial second place from Perez, but was soon overtaken by the Mexican, marking another disappointment for the Italian team.

Verstappen appears invincible, while Perez displays renewed composure, significantly different from his past attempts to outshine his teammate. His determination to keep his seat at Red Bull translates into two excellent second places, without the obsession of beating Verstappen that characterized him in the past.

Meanwhile, the idea of bringing Daniel Ricciardo to Red Bull, conceived by Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, seems destined to fail. The Australian's inconsistent performance at McLaren is reflected in this race, where he was soundly beaten by Yuki Tsunoda. His figure is overshadowed by Liam Lawson, rightfully demanding a chance after impressing the previous year.

Ferrari settles for a third place, this time thanks to Leclerc, but the gap from Verstappen leaves no room for illusions. At least this time there were no reliability issues with Leclerc's car, unlike the previous race in Bahrain.

Oliver Bearman's debut race in F1 was promising, demonstrating maturity and composure despite his inexperience. His performance could open doors for him next year, perhaps in a team like Haas or Ferrari, although the fate of many talented drivers often ends up on the sidelines.

Oscar Piastri shines with a brilliant fourth place, followed by Norris who fails to capitalize on a late pit-stop strategy. Fernando Alonso's Aston Martin-Mercedes fails to compete for top positions, while Russell and Hamilton's Mercedes settle for sixth place.

The race also witnessed some errors, such as Lance Stroll's incident with the barriers, but also surprises like the tenth place of the Haas-Ferrari with Nico Hulkenberg.

Meanwhile, the Sauber-Ferrari continues to disappoint, raising questions about Audi's investment in the team for their future entry into F1 in 2026.

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