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Starting from Tuesday, August 1st, the Cavalieri Garage & Co. project is officially the owner of the RaceNetwork brand. What changes for the Motor Valley-born startup? Let's discover it in this update, including an interview with founder Simone Marchetti.


Everything changes to keep everything the same, in a positive sense. Since 2014, RaceNetwork has always taken an innovative approach to market dynamics and defining its business model. In 2023 (almost 10 years into its operation), the need arises to integrate into different dynamics.

Our founder, Simone Marchetti, explains this in detail, being the founder of both Cavalieri Garage and RaceNetwork, in this update.

Where does the need to merge the two projects come from?

"RaceNetwork is at the core of Cavalieri Garage's business model. This needs to be clarified from the start. When I decided to found Cavalieri Garage, I wanted to bring together the areas of expertise that I've managed over the years, and of course, motorsport simulation was one of the most important to consider. After all, my ability to create what I had in mind is largely due to the experience of RaceNetwork and its success."

What will actually change?

"To be honest, not much. If we want to be precise, the only thing that changes is the online presence, which will be more linked to Cavalieri Garage's channels. As specified in the press release on August 1st to clients, partners, and associates, nothing will change either in terms of working relationships or bureaucratic aspects."

Will the brand and community remain the same?

"Absolutely yes. The reputation of the RaceNetwork brand is too well-positioned to consider rebranding or any other scenario. We've built a strong community since 2014 and will always operate under the same name through the channels already known to everyone."

Will the relationships with Ferrari also remain unchanged?

"Certainly, the relationships with Ferrari are tied to the collaboration with Dynisma, which will remain the supplier of Maranello's simulation technologies until 2032. The assistance of one of our collaborators in the development phase of the Sporting Management projects is confirmed for 2024, and at the end of that year, we will see how to proceed with the collaboration. The same goes for the relationship with AF Corse."

And what about simracing?

"As known to those who follow our work, over the last 3 years, RaceNetwork has decided to focus more on the motorsport simulation market. However, this doesn't mean that simracing doesn't play an important role in our business model. In 2024, we will continue our collaborations with Studio-397 and Motorsport Games."

What will be the next challenge for RaceNetwork and the consultancy area of Cavalieri Garage & Co?

"After 3 years of Formula 1 and a 24 Hours of Le Mans, the other challenges will certainly take on different forms but no less fascinating!

Firstly, there's 2024, with a Ferrari Hypercar and AF Corse that need to confirm the excellent work of 2023. When you reach these levels of motorsport, something motivating can enter your professional life every day. A great goal and challenge will definitely be to uphold the reputation of the Motor Valley abroad, trying to remain the reference points for simulation."


In addition to what's been mentioned, Cavalieri Garage's challenge through the RaceNetwork brand will also be to make the use of certain technologies more "human," supporting a more amateur and enthusiast-oriented motorsport.

Quoting our founder again:

"I would like that within 5 or 6 years, even an amateur who wants to hit the track on a Sunday can have a simulator that allows them to train safely before getting behind the wheel. I would like to make technologies that are currently reserved for large groups and industry professionals accessible to everyone."

With these premises, we hope that our RaceNetwork brand can continue to innovate as it always has, generating new opportunities for established and new professional figures in the Motor Valley.

© Press office Cavalieri Garage & Co.


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