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The commitments in Karting Rental continue for the SK-R Team by Cavalieri Garage, particularly in the Extrema Endurance Series races, the endurance racing championship organized by Futura Corse held at the Extrema Kart Speedway in Massa Finalese (MO).

Sixteen teams registered for the third round, which saw the competitors challenge each other in a 3-hour race. Sebastiano Bondi, Simone Marchetti, and Jacopo Bondi made up the lineup for this round.

EES ROUND 3 2024

A difficult qualifying session, due to a not perfectly performing vehicle and a general difficulty in interpreting the track, made it hard to improve lap times, resulting in a fourteenth place finish at the end of the half-hour session.

At the start, an excellent jump by Jacopo Bondi allowed the team to recover four positions in the hectic early laps. The first stint then settled into a good race rhythm until the first of the six mandatory pit stops for driver changes.

The tenth position was improved by Simone Marchetti and Sebastiano Bondi, who managed to gain ground on some rivals and then leave them behind, thus securing the eighth overall position. During Jacopo Bondi's second stint, around mid-race, an overcut favored by improved lap times in the final phase of the stint allowed them to maintain an excellent advantage over direct competitors.

A race contact between the top two teams in the standings caused turmoil in the subsequent phases of the race, allowing our team to firmly secure the third position in the Star category.

The eighth overall position was maintained until the finish line, as well as the third position in the Star category, thus allowing the SK-R Team to achieve its first podium in the third endurance race ever. The overall victory went to the N.D.N. Racing team, which preceded Scuderia A16 and Dayton Racing.

Thus, we have reached the halfway point of the championship, with the SK-R Team by Cavalieri Garage defending third place in the Star category standings.


1 - N.D.N. Racing (Rookie) - 230 laps in 03:00:41.174

2 - Scuderia A16 (Star)

3 - Dayton Racing (Rookie)

4 - RC Motorsport (Star)

5 - SRK (Rookie)

6 - ZI40 Racing Team (Rookie)

7 - Osteria (Rookie)

8 - SK-R Team by Cavalieri Garage (Star)

9 - Isotta Sbuccini (Rookie)

10 - SB Racing (Rookie)

11 - Valsa Karting Team (Rookie)

12 - Iaco (Rookie)

13 - Sumer Racing Team (Rookie)

14 - Balzati (Rookie)

15 - Forlì Corse (Rookie)

16 - Valsa Racing (Rookie)

Fastest lap: Scuderia A16 - 00:44.570

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