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It's a busy 2024 for the newborn SK-R Team by Cavalieri Garage, the team of Cavalieri Garage & Co. dealing with Karting Rental races. In addition to the first round of the Extrema Sprint Series, held on Sunday, March 10th, this month also saw the kick-off of the Extrema Endurance Series, the karting rental series of endurance races organized by Futura Corse, taking place at the Extrema Kart facility in Massa Finalese (MO).

The first round of the year saw the 17 participating teams competing for 2 hours, marking the first official commitment of our SK-R Team in such competitions. Two categories were present: Rookie for first-time teams and Star, reserved for crews composed of experienced drivers already active in the rental world. Our team, in the Star category, had three drivers at the start line: Jacopo Bondi, Sebastiano Bondi, and Simone Marchetti.

EES ROUND 1 2024

The half-hour qualifying session saw a good performance from the SK-R Team by Cavalieri Garage crew, with a fast lap stint by Simone Marchetti followed by improvements from Jacopo Bondi, earning them the sixth position on the starting grid.

The race was fought for most of the 2 hours, with Jacopo Bondi starting and climbing up to fourth place before handing over the wheel to Simone Marchetti for the second stint. Consistency is crucial in these types of races, a quality that none of our drivers lacked. In the following stints, Sebastiano Bondi and Simone Marchetti alternated in the four mandatory stops as per regulations, fully exploiting the strategy despite some traffic inconveniences with lapped or other category drivers.

SK-R Team thus concludes in fourth place in the Star category and seventh overall, marking a solid debut with ample room for improvement in race management. The overall victory went to Scuderia A16 team, after an exciting duel with the CSL team, which finished second only 4.5 seconds behind after 2 hours of racing.


1 - Scuderia A16 (Star) - 154 laps in 02:00:39.553

2 - CSL (Star)

3 - N.D.N. Racing Team (Rookie)

4 - RC Motorsport (Star)

5 - Dayton Racing Team (Rookie)

6 - Osteria (Rookie)

7 - SK-R Team by Cavalieri Garage (Star)

8 - ZI40 Racing Team (Star)

9 - Iaco (Rookie)

10 - SRK (Rookie)

11 - #PoveriMaVeloci (Rookie)

12 - Valsa Karting Team (Rookie)

13 - White Team (Rookie)

14 - Sumer Racing Team (Rookie)

15 - Matti da Legare (Rookie)

16 - Balzati (Rookie)

17 - Prugne (Rookie)

Fastest lap: CSL - 00:44.557

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