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Castellotti was born in Lodi on October 10, 1930, to a rather affluent family. Endowed with crystalline talent, daring both on and off the track, unpredictable in races, and extremely skilled in wet conditions. His life is brief, yet filled with success, wealth, and love.

His Formula 1 debut dates back to 1955. The Lancia D50 ranks among the best Formula 1 cars, and the duo of Ascari and Castellotti is among the strongest. But things take a turn for the worse immediately. At the Monaco Grand Prix, Ascari dominates, but on the eighty-first lap, he crashes at the chicane and ends up in the sea. Nonetheless, Castellotti finishes second in only his second race.

A few days later, Ascari dies at Monza, right before Eugenio's eyes. Deeply affected, Lancia decides to withdraw. Castellotti wants to honor Ascari and does everything to convince the team to race in Belgium. The man from Lodi puts on a show and secures pole position. In the race, he is the only one to keep up with Fangio's pace, thanks to daring driving, until the differential holds up. In the remaining races, he moves to Ferrari and, after a good series of placements, finishes third in the championship.

In 1956, Castellotti has his big opportunity in Reims, where he has to yield victory to Collins only due to team orders. At Monza, he fiercely battles with Musso for the lead right from the start. The result is that the tires are worn out after a few laps. By the end of the year, the harvest is lean; Castellotti finishes sixth.

Eugenio triumphs at the Mille Miglia, dominating in the rain and defeating all the top drivers of the period.

Increasingly distracted by the fame that has come his way (first with actress Anna Maria Ferrero, then with showgirl Delia Scala), Castellotti loses his life during private tests in Modena.

The night before, he was at a party with his partner in Florence when Ferrari suddenly summons him to test the 801. Eugenio bids farewell, drives all night, and takes the wheel of the Formula 1 without closing his eyes. One lap, two laps, by the third, Castellotti doesn't make it.

He crashed into the stand of the "Circolo della Biella", dying instantly at the age of twenty-seven.

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