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The first Bologna edition of Auto and Moto d'Epoca concluded with a surprising turnout of visitors and exhibitors, creating a one-of-a-kind event. The numbers speak for themselves: a total of 13 pavilions, covering an extensive area of 235,000 square meters, hosted 14 renowned automotive manufacturers and over 7,000 vintage vehicles. This event has proven to be an extraordinary showcase for the world of classic cars and motorcycles.

What makes the event even more special is the enthusiasm of the audience, which exceeded expectations. Compared to the opening day, primarily dedicated to collectors and industry experts, the public attendance doubled, highlighting the broad appeal of this event. Astonishingly, 35% of visitors came from foreign countries, emphasizing its international allure.

The relocation from Padova to Bologna, after 39 years, allowed for a significant expansion of the exhibition space. With a dedicated 15,000 square meters for vintage racing and collector motorcycles, enthusiasts had the opportunity to admire an impressive variety of vehicles.

Among the showcased gems were the first car ever built by Enzo Ferrari, the historic Ferrari once owned by Clint Eastwood, and the Ducati that Lucio Dalla used to return home after his unforgettable concerts. These vehicles represent the beating heart of the passion for vintage automobiles and motorcycles.

The extraordinary response from the audience and the unexpected success of this edition have already set in motion plans for the 41st edition, scheduled to take place from October 24 to 27, 2024, at the BolognaFiere exhibition center. The organizers, aware of the enthusiasm and record-breaking numbers of the current edition, are determined to continue growing this event.

Mario Carlo Baccaglini, the organizer of Auto and Moto d'Epoca, stated, "The move to Bologna has exceeded all expectations, with a surprising success in terms of exhibitors and audience. This demonstrates that the culture and market of classic cars and motorcycles engage a vast community of enthusiasts, both Italian and foreign. Thanks to exceptional dedication and impeccable planning, we were able to bring extraordinary quality specimens to Auto and Moto d'Epoca, unique vehicles capable of satisfying the tastes and passions of professionals and young collectors. We are particularly proud of our commitment to two-wheelers, with the setup of an entire pavilion dedicated to motorcycles, where we showcased exceptional models and exclusive rarities."

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