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A race full of overtakes delivered an exciting spectacle, reminiscent of Indycar competitions on ovals where position changes are so frequent that they cease to make headlines. Despite a well-deserved 5-second penalty, Max Verstappen emerged victorious in Las Vegas, securing his eighteenth win in 21 races. A predictable triumph, considering the consistent dominance of the Red Bull-Honda.

An interesting note is that Sergio Perez clinched the second position in the championship, becoming the vice world champion and contributing to an unusual scenario for Red Bull, with both its drivers in the top two positions of the overall standings, a situation not witnessed even during the era of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

In Las Vegas, Verstappen's victory was uncertain until the final laps, thanks to an outstanding performance by Charles Leclerc in a surprisingly competitive Ferrari. Despite a less-than-perfect start from Leclerc, Verstappen capitalized on the opportunity, although the first lap was marked by a typical Verstappen move at the first corner, avoiding proper steering and going off track with Leclerc.

The world champion disregarded the team's request to give back the position to Leclerc, even when it was proposed as a condition or to serve the 5-second penalty, which was executed during the first pit stop. Despite this, Verstappen managed to recover, taking advantage of a second pit stop during the intervention of the safety car for debris on the track.

The duel between Verstappen and Leclerc was spectacular, with Leclerc managing the race masterfully but eventually conceding positions to Verstappen and Perez. Sergio Perez, despite starting midway through the grid and being involved in the chaos of the first corner, staged a remarkable comeback, aided by the second safety car.

Ferrari showcased an excellent performance in Las Vegas, and if it weren't for an unjust 10-position penalty imposed on Carlos Sainz, the team could have achieved even better results. Nevertheless, Sainz demonstrated determination, finishing sixth and helping reduce the points gap with Mercedes in the constructors' standings.

Esteban Ocon impressed with an aggressive race, securing his best seasonal placement since the third position in Monte Carlo. Lance Stroll confirmed his form with the fifth consecutive placement for the Aston Martin-Mercedes, while Mercedes lost crucial points due to an error by George Russell.

In conclusion, a thrilling race full of twists and turns, with Verstappen emerging victorious but also witnessing other drivers shine with noteworthy performances.

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